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I posted a picture yesterday of a ER/Urgent Care band that was put on me yesterday.  Since Sunday, I have had problems walking.  My right big toe - more specifically, the ball on my foot below my big toe - was swollen and hurting.  I went bowling on Saturday night for a friend’s bachelor party and the shoes felt a little snug.  Therefore, I just figured I messed it up bowling.  Monday, prior to going to work, it really hurt to walk yet I worked all day.  Yesterday, there was no relief so I decided to go to a Urgent Care center to get it looked at.

I was diagnosed with gout.  It is a disease that my dad has as well.  I wasn’t to happy about getting the news but at least they didn’t have to cut my toe off.  Now, I am being medicated on Hydrocodone for the pain and Indomethacin for the gout.  Today, I’m back at work and just 5 minutes ago, my walk seems to be getting better.  It still hurts, but I hope that this sign means I will be ok soon.  Now, I get to play the game on what triggers the gout.  I really hope it is not beer or Jameson.

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